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introduces a view of the Valley from 1900-1950


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Postcards of the Past in the Shenandoah Valley.

This full-color, 128-page hardbound book tells the story of the Shenandoah Valley from 1900-1950. It is written in a light, entertaining style, and illustrated by 259 electronically restored postcards of the era.

Qualifications to write this book
Been here part of the time, done some of this . . .
Sat on the porch swing and listened to reminiscences
of folks who have been here before me and done the rest!

Charlie Thorne

Section I is a show-and-tell of how it was to live here during a tumultuous 50-years that brought more changes to the lives of average men and women than any other half-century in the history of the world.

Section II is a tour up the Valley from Harpers Ferry to Natural Bridge. You will view the sights you would have seen traveling in either an early 1900’s stagecoach, a local passenger train, or bouncing along in one of those new fangled automobiles.

Price: $39.95 (Hardbound, 128-pages full color)
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All of the scenes shown in Postcards of the Past are available as Giclée prints

GIVE an economical but impressive gift. All images in the book are available mounted in a rich black mat. Horizontal frames will fit in a standard 14"x 18" frame. Vertical prints fit in a standard 12"x 18" frame. Most large craft stores stock these sizes in many styles. A do-it-yourself project that only looks expensive. $24.95 each

POSTER sized prints are also available (24"x 36" with a 20"x 32" image). Use for historical displays, interior decorating of doctor's offices, lawyer's offices, businesses and restaurants. Or have your print matted, framed, and used as a centerpiece of your living or dining room. $49.95 each




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Classic Cards . . .
Antique postcards digitally restored and reprinted in modern 4x6 inch size.

What did Valley residents consider important in the first half of the twentieth century? From the fifty years in which residents went from ox-carts to airliners, we have assembled a remarkable collection of over 500 postcards to help tell the story. Every card is now being electronically scanned, meticulously repaired and retouched to help show life in the Shenandoah Valley from sundown, December 31, 1899 to midnight, December 31, 1949.

Presently we have over 80 reproduction cards available, with additional cards added at regular intervals. They depict Shenandoah Valley scenes from Harpers Ferry to Natural Bridge .

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